Helaine Knapp, founder of CityRow, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss one of the newest and hottest boutique fitness studios in Manhattan.

It took an injury for Helaine to discover the benefits of rowing and how it was both low impact and worked 84% of her muscles. Once she did, however, Helaine could not get enough!  While there were many boutique fitness classes in New York City at the time, there were none dedicated to rowing. So Helaine decided leave her job at another start-up to open her own studio and bring rowing back in to the “limelight”.

From “sexy” water based rowers to foam rollers, CityRow is committed to being a forward thinking fitness studio that led to it being ahead of the rowing curve.  Listen to how Helaine first connected with Annie Mulgrew, CityRow’s Director of Programming, to develop an interval based class that is suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Now over one year old, find out how CityRow first got its start at its Union Square location, what it learned from being in the Hamptons, and its plan for a signature flagship location on the Upper East Side.  Go inside the boutique fitness world and the challenge of educating consumers about rowing, but why with new fitness studios popping up, Helaine thinks CityRow has a formula for long lasting success.

Transcript of the episode available here: http://nylaun.ch/cityrowt

More on CityRow: http://www.cityrow.com/