Gillian Zoe Segal steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss her book “Getting There: A Book of Mentors”.  In the book, Gillian interviews an ‘A List’ of 30 successful luminaries who are all at the top of their field.  Subjects including Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Kathy Ireland and Sara Blakely discuss their career journeys in essays that cover not only their successes but also their obstacles and set backs.

“Almost everyone in the book is an entrepreneur” says Gillian.  Hear the common themes among many of these luminaries and important advice that isn’t just applicable to business, like the dangers of over scheduling at a young age or ‘you can always tell someone to go to hell tomorrow’.

Gillian spent five years writing this book and has a lot of fascinating stories to tell! Find out how she was able to gain access to all her subjects and her elevator pitch to convince them to be interviewed and photographed “If the front door’s locked, try the back door. If the back door’s locked, try the side door. And if that doesn’t work, try crawling in the window. And if you can’t do that, then wait a little while and try the front door again. You never know, someone might answer.”

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