Angela Ceresnie and David Snitkof, co-founders of Orchard Platform step on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss their technology platform that as David describes it “brings together large institutional investors as well as loan originators to transact in an efficient and data-driven and scalable way.”

The lending landscape is being disrupted.  Where some forms of lending have once been a tedious, time consuming process taking approximately 30 hours to complete an application, new lenders such as Lending Club, CAN Capital, and Funding Circle have stepped in to ease the experience and cut down the amount of time in an application process.  With more information disclosed by borrowers to get a loan as well as more information being provided by the lenders about the loan itself, the environment has become ripe for entry by institutional investors who want to invest in these loans in what has been described by Orchard as “sunlight banking”.

Find out how Orchard Platform connects investors and lenders in a unique way that provides value to all sides in what has been estimated as a One Trillion Dollar non-bank, online lending marketplace.

Listen to hear how Orchard Platform started from humble beginnings of four friends working and blogging in a chinese restaurant on the Lower East Side to a company with 43 employees and on the Forbes list of next potential billion dollar start-ups.  Hear what Angela calls are the three free things that led to Orchard’s thought leadership and growth as well as how Orchard’s relationship with big name investors such as Vikram Pandit (former CEO of Citibank), John Mack (former CEO of Morgan Stanley), Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal), QED Investors and Nyca Partners among many others has changed over time and assisted in Orchard’s phenomenal growth.

Tune in to hear about a true New York City success story as well as Angela’s and David’s passion for the business and why one of Orchard’s values is to “Think to the future” because as Angela describes it “the future is where Orchard is a really successful and valuable company”.

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