Andy Jacobi and Ricky King the founders of Untamed Sandwiches step on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss their delicious braised meat sandwiches.

Combining the quality and ambiance of a farm-to-table sit down restaurant with the efficiency and convenience that busy office workers demand, Untamed Sandwiches was a welcome addition to midtown when it first opened 18 months ago.  Located by Bryant Park at 43 West 39 Street, Untamed Sandwiches specializes in braised meat sandwiches made from sustainable ingredients, while also offering gluten free and low-carb options.

Go behind the scenes of Ricky’s efficient five day braising process  and his lifetime of research and development used for the recipes, how the sandwiches got their names (Carla Bruni, Sheemakers Bounty, The Butt), and how Untamed Sandwiches handles the daily crush of the midtown lunch business with aplomb.

Find out how important it is for Andy and Ricky to  maintain a strong relationship with their local suppliers who focus on “doing things the right way” (grass fed meat, pasture raised pork), how they view their role in the sustainable foodchain, and Untamed Sandwiches’ plans for the future.


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