Before they appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, Alessandro Biggi and Francesco Brachetti stepped on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss Avocaderia “the world’s first Avocado Bar” located in Industry City in Brooklyn.

About one year ago, the thirty year old Italian co-founders were in search of healthy and tasty food and fell in love with the avocado.  They then experimented with recipes and grew a following of their concoctions on Instagram.  Realizing they had created delicious food and become popular, the two decided to open the first Avocaderia in New York City, a restaurant where each dish includes avocado.

Today the restaurant sells well over 1,000 avocados a week and has gained a large and loyal following among its target millennial audience.  But Alesandro and Francesco have their sights well beyond one restaurant location and want to establish a brand.  As a result, Avocaderia has partnered with companies including SoulCycle and Goop to reach the health conscious consumer and is now looking at additional locations.

Listen to the episode to go behind the scenes of Avocaderia, why the co-founders decided to focus exclusively on avocados, how they come up with recipes and more about avocados and the people who love them than you ever thought possible.

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