Ben Gordon and Matt Bachmann, co-founders of Wandering Bear Coffee Co.  step on to the fourth episode of the New York Launch Pod to discuss their delicious cold brewed iced coffee.  Matt and Ben each have a passion for cold brewed iced coffee, a process that Matt says “requires time, forethought, and planning” and which results in what Ben calls “an objectively better iced coffee”.  So when the two first saw each other drinking cold brewed iced coffee in a classroom at Columbia Business School they quickly developed a friendship that turned into their business.

Wandering Bear has the mission of delivering great iced coffee to the home and office.  Find out how this led to Wandering Bear’s distribution method and the epiphany that resulted in its unique packaging that keeps the coffee fresh.  Discover how Matt and Ben were able to leverage their resources to build their company while in business school but the tests that doing so put on their time, as well as the challenges of brewing at scale that led them to throw their first brew down the drain.

Matt and Ben are proud to call New York City the home of Wandering Bear Coffee.  Their beans are roasted in Brooklyn and the coffee brewed in Queens.  Listen to how Matt and Ben have been able to sell to Barry’s Bootcamp, Murray’s Cheese, and FreshDirect and why they believe their insights about the New York consumer will help them win in the Big Apple.

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