Kalle Simpson, founder of NIGHT, steps onto the New York Launch Pod to discuss her $150 pillow. Is this price tag crazy? Kalle says no, and she’s here to tell you why. In fact, Kalle thinks you should rethink your strategy if you are sleeping on a $20 pillow.

The NIGHT Pillow is meticulously designed to focus on beauty and wellness benefits while providing optimal sleep conditions, which justifies its cost and creates a unique place in the market. The pillowcase is made from couture quality silk which keeps hair and skin hydrated and smooth and also repels allergens and dust mites. The pillowcase comes in a signature black hue to negate light and increase melatonin production. The pillow itself is made from light-weight memory foam, which self-adjusts to accommodate every sleep position.

The NIGHT Pillow has received a lot of attention with a celebrity following that counts Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner as fans. More than that, the pillow is carried by traditional retailers including Bloomingdales and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Kalle is a veteran of the sleep industry. Before founding NIGHT, Kalle worked in the bedding industry for ten years. Seeing a lack of innovation in the bedding space, Kalle decided to go out on her own and invent the best pillow possible.

Listen to the episode to hear the process behind inventing the NIGHT Pillow and all the health and wellness benefits associated with it (including a few that may surprise you)! You’ll learn how Kalle has been able to grow her business into what it is today.

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