Yitzchok Kolodny  and David Kupfer, co-founders of Theryon, step on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss their new platform for physical therapy on demand in your home or office.

In a special episode, recorded at the offices of Samson Technologies, Yitzchok and David discuss why physical therapy on demand is important for busy and active New Yorkers.  With a bevy of fitness options, races, and competitions, New Yorkers are more active than ever.  And with more activity, especially among these “weekend warriors” there are more injuries.

Yitzchok is a professional physical therapist by trade and saw his patients unable to regularly receive treatment which made their recovery longer or impossible.  And once, a Fortune 500 CEO asked Yitzchok for physical therapy in his office and actually received treatment during a meeting–the idea for Theryon was born.

Through Theryon’s app and website, users are able to book appointments whenever they want and a physical therapist comes to them in their home, office, or anywhere else in New York City they wish to be seen.  And if some time frees up during the day, Theryon can accommodate same day appointments with the eventual goal of having a therapist to your door within one hour.

Listen to the episode to hear about all the challenges in building the platform, how physical therapists are able to come to people’s homes to receive quality treatment, and why physical therapy is critical to anyone’s recovery.

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Special thank you to Samson Technologies as our sponsor for providing recording equipment and hosting us in their offices.


More on Theryon: https://www.theryon.com/

Transcript available here: http://nylaun.ch/theryonTr