Zachary Aarons, Co-Founder and Partner of MetaProp, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss his real estate technology accelerator, venture fund, and advisory business– all wrapped into one.

Founded in 2015, Zach and his Co-Founders, Aaron Block and Clelia Peters, realized that entrepreneurs and real estate executives were not connecting with each other. Real estate executives were not able to share their biggest pain points with entrepreneurs and as a result entrepreneurs were designing products that did not fit the needs of the real estate industry. Thus, MetaProp was born to solve that problem. Today, MetaProp has an advisory business that works with some of the largest landlords globally to help navigate real estate technology and has a venture capital fund as well as an accelerator which helps emerging companies navigate the real estate world.

How difficult can navigating real estate organizations be? According to Zach when selling real estate software or hardware, a company often has to make four completely different sales within one organization, which includes the building engineer, the asset manager, the Chief Information Officer, and C-Suite executives. Each of the people within the real estate organization that a start-up is selling to may have a completely different motive for either purchasing or not purchasing the technology, and those motives might not even be the same between companies!

Listen to the episode to hear how MetaProp has become the ‘nexus’ for real estate technology, how Zach found his way into real estate and real estate investing after launching his own company, and what the future holds for real estate technology.


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