Vicki Fulop, Co-Founder of Brooklinen, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss her Brooklyn based, direct to consumer bedding company.

Several years ago Vicki and her co-founder and husband Rich, were staying at a hotel and sleeping on incredibly comfortable sheets.  When the two wanted to purchase the sheets, they were shocked that at the expensive price.  After thoroughly researching the textile industry, Vicki and Rich saw the high mark-ups from traditional retailers and set off to create a direct to consumer brand at a time when there weren’t that many around.

Brooklinen sheets and bedding have been off to a roaring start.  Through a clever grassroots campaign in 2014, Vicki and Rich smashed their initial $50,000 goal on Kickstarter and raised $237,000.  Since then the Company has grown its revenue by a multiple of 10, in each of the past two years with annual sales now in excess of $25 Million and a growing product line that covers sheets, comforters, blankets, and of course linen sheets.

Listen to the episode to hear what makes Brooklinen sheets different than the store department store brands, why people improperly focus on thread count and how the company markets sheets to people who can’t touch them before purchasing.  Hear how Vicki and Rich bootstrapped the company through incredible growth, what the Brooklyn brand means to them and even what it’s like being a husband and wife team.

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