Brian Berger, Co-Founder of Mack Weldon, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss his men’s underwear and essentials company.

Frustrated by the experience of purchasing underwear in department stores and the feeling that brands were simply changing their products for the sake of changing them, Brian thought about creating a better customer experience as well as a better product. And after speaking to a whole bunch of guys about their underwear, Brian knew he was not alone.

Based upon common frustrations, Mack Weldon began re-inventing men’s essentials to make the best products.  Their underwear has waistbands inspired by cycling shorts so they don’t curl over, the undershirts have longer tails and higher armholes so they don’t untuck easily, and their fabrics are engineered to be softer and more breathable than cotton including a blend that includes silver to be antimicrobial and fight odor in a way that never washes out.  The brand itself is rooted in authenticity, consistency and innovation that has attracted accolades and a diverse audience, in addition to being a hit with the 25-45 year old urban, mass affluent market.

Brian was a high powered business executive with two kids and another on the way as he was founding Mack Weldon – meeting his co-founder Michael Isaacman, a leader in the apparel industry shortly thereafter.  Each took big professional and personal risk launching this new venture.  The combination of their respective talents and efforts has led to a company that has more than doubled in size over the past year and a growing product line.

Listen to the episode to hear exactly what makes Mack Weldon and their fabrics different, what it is like to be an entrepreneur after having a career and a family, and even more about the underwear business than you might haven even thought possible.

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