Charlie O’Donnell, Founder and Sole Partner of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss his Venture Capital fund and give a behind the scenes look at the venture capital world.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures invests exclusively in New York City companies with Charlie managing $23 million across two funds, leading or co-leading investments of around $350,000 in companies that have yet to raise $750,000 in capital.

Having worked in venture capital since 2001, Charlie knows the space. He has been named to Business Insider’s 100 Most Influential People in NY Tech five times and served on the founding board of the New York Tech Meetup.

Whether you are interested in the start-up scene, venture capital, or want to know what goes through a venture capitalist’s head, this is the episode for you!

Listen to the episode to hear:


Why Charlie choose New York for his fund.  (4:56)

Opportunities to invest in New York (7:28)

The steps Charlie took to start his own fund (10:50)

Charlie’s pitch to his initial investors (15:00)

How Charlie finds his deals (18:21)

How Charlie established himself in the start-up scene (20:20)

What Charlie looks for in a Company  (23:1 0)

What Charlie looks for in an entrepreneur and accepting pitches (27:47)  

Brooklyn Bridge Venture’s investment in Orchard, our guest in Episode 8 ( 31:05)

Amount of money Brooklyn Bridge Ventures invests in companies (35:36)

Why companies take on a venture capitalist (37:51)

Charlie’s involvement with portfolio companies (41:05 )

What does a typical month for Charlie look like? (42:38)

Predictions for 2017 (47:00)

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