Lisa Skeete Tatum, Founder and CEO of Landit, steps onto the New York Launch Pod to discuss her online platform to help women increase their success and engagement in the workplace while also helping companies develop and retain their female employees.

Lisa first formulated the idea for Landit based on her own career “inflection point” after over a decade as a venture capitalist, Lisa found herself feeling a little “stuck” as she was deciding what her next chapter would be. Even with a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, an MBA from Harvard University and being selected as a Henry Crown Fellow as the Aspen Institute, Lisa found this inflection point to be quite challenging.

Lisa was not alone in her feelings.  Today, we have the largest number of professional, educated women not firing on all cylinders.  According to Lisa, women are 51% of the workforce yet only 16% of upper management, with 90% of women experiencing workplace navigation issues.  In response to this problem, companies and women are left asking “where do we start?”  With a comprehensive and individually tailored platform, Landit provides a unique solution.

Landit provides a ‘playbook’ that enables people to more successfully navigate the workplace by democratizing access to resources, tools and know-how. The platform elements such as executive coaching, personal profile building, matched opportunities, and other keys to success including building your board of advisors and personal brand.  By bundling all these resources together, Landit has blossomed into a turnkey way to make a major impact on individuals and companies alike.

Listen to the episode to hear how Lisa was able to pull all the resources together, how Landit is transforming careers and workplaces, and how you can build a more fulfilling career.

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