Bari Musacchio, Owner, and Matthew Gray, General Manager, of Baz Bagel & Restaurant step on to the third episode of the New York Launch Pod to go behind the scenes of one of New York’s quintessential foods: the bagel. Baz Bagel is a neighborhood restaurant in Nolita (181 Grand Street) with much more behind the scenes.  With the best blintzes, as named by New York Magazine and a full complement of delicious food, Baz Bagel does almost as much business outside its walls as it does inside.  Listen to what it took for Bari to come up the perfect bagel and how Baz Bagel took an initial press boost to now sell over 1200 hand rolled bagels each day all over the United States and the world.

Baz Bagel is just over one year old.  Find out how Bari and Matthew first met and how the dynamic between them has helped to grow and sustain the restaurant, as well as establish a strong relationship with its neighborhood clientele as well as tourists.   Go inside what Bari and Matthew think is the toughest part of being in the restaurant business, their one word secret for keeping staff motivated, and their Bingo recipe for evening entertainment every two weeks.


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