Alissa Wagner and Sabrina De Sousa, the Co-Founders of Dimes, step on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss their restaurant, marketplace, and deli in Chinatown.

Dimes first opened its doors in September 2013 as a huge success. After the first day of business Alissa and Sabrina were on the phone to get more staff for the restaurant.  The concept is based on design elements that Alissa and Sabrina love and food the two would want to eat.  As Alissa says, Dimes serves food that is “balanced, healthy, clean and beautiful”.

Not surprisingly, Dimes opened up to wonderful reviews.  In addition to having great food, the New Yorker called Dimes the place where “the cool kids want to be”.  Sabrina explains, “Dimes embodies the creatives that live in the neighborhood…a lot of crossover with fashion, art, and music”.  As the business flourished, Alissa and Sabrina created a marketplace that sells Dimes branded apothecaries including a salt scrub, lip balm, and candle alongside the fresh food that goes into the restaurant.

Listen to the episode to hear why Alissa and Sabrina chose Chinatown as the location for Dimes, how they actively engage the community, and the genesis of the name and brand Dimes.


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