Michael Chad Hoeppner, Founder of GK Training and Communications, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss the founding of his business at the height of the recession in 2009 and how to communicate effectively.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur giving a pitch, speaking in a conference room, or having a conversation with friends and family, EVERYONE can learn how to speak better. In this episode, Michael goes over the techniques that his company teaches and that everyone can instantly apply.

With a Masters of Fine Arts from NYU, Michael started as a professional actor and discovered the link between a kinesthetic task (physical act) and learning habits for effective communication.   Michael now teaches communication at Columbia University Business School and his company has grown to twelve coaches with clients including Pfizer, Xerox, and The Boston Consulting Group.

Listen to the episode to hear how you can communicate better including:

(9:00) How to overcome self-consciousness and the “don’t school of feedback”

(12:39) Why you have permission to be nervous in front of an audience

(15:40) Do you need confidence for a presentation?

(17:04) Right idea. Right Order. Right Words.

(20:02) Getting your voice heard in group situations and claiming the conversation space

(20:35) Gender differences in communication

(28:40) Relating your ideas better to your listeners. Simpler, image-based words

(32:30) Bringing more of yourself to the conversation

(36:07) Navigating Questions and Questions & Answers

(39:03) Talking Points as a double edged sword

(41:24) Getting an audience to like you

(45:10) Keys to a wedding toast or eulogy

(46:35) How to find someone to emulate

(48:29) Input vs. Output communication

(51:07) The 5 P’s of vocal variety

(53:00) Final Takeaways to be more in command of your language


Transcript of the episode available here: http://nylaun.ch/GKTraniningTr

More on GK Training and Communications: http://www.gktrainingandcommunications.com/