Asha Carroll, Founder of Cake in a Crate, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss her vegan, gluten-free, processed sugar-free dessert baking kit. And before you think anything else — it tastes delicious!

Asha is a self-proclaimed dessert enthusiast, who, after moving to New York City, started baking a lot. After indulging in all her deserts, Asha decided to pursue more ‘alternative’ recipes and found that her vegan, gluten-free creations were not only more healthful, but also more popular than her traditional desserts. When sharing the recipes, however, most people did not have the necessary ingredients. It was at that moment that Cake in a Crate was born.

Asha decided to forego her opera singing career and pursue her vision of bringing plant-based desserts to the public. Like Blue Apron or Plated, each Cake in a Crate comes beautifully packaged with pre-measured ingredients (that don’t expire for 3-6 months).

Listen to the episode to hear how each recipe is carefully developed, why all the cakes look and taste so good, and how easy each Cake in a Crate is to make!

For New York Launch Pod listeners, Cake in a Crate is offering 20% off all first time purchases with code NYLAUNCH!

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