Marshall Cox, Founder of Radiator Labs, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss the first ever smart radiator cover that allows users to control the temperature in their room.

It seems as though every New Yorker has sweated in a room that has been overheated by a radiator. Radiators are ubiquitous in older buildings and Marshall estimates that there are approximately 10 million radiators in New York City alone. The problem: radiator technology has barely advanced since World War II, yet windows have become more efficient. Consequently, rooms overheat and New Yorkers open their windows to freezing temperatures just to make a room temperature manageable. It is estimated that $1.2 dollars of fuel is wasted each year in New York City alone due to this problem.

One night while Marshall was studying for his PhD in engineering at Columbia he could not tolerate the wild temperature fluctuations in his dorm room anymore. He set out to create a radiator cover that would solve the problem and the Cozy was born. The Cozy is a patent pending “smart” radiator cover that solves the overheating problem and adjusts the room to a constant temperature which can even be controlled by a smartphone app!

Once a building installs the Cozy, a mesh network is created allowing the building to access a vast amount of data about its heating system resulting in up to a 40% reduction in heating costs.

Listen to the episode to learn how radiators are being brought in the 21st century and what that will mean for all New Yorkers, Landlords and Tenants alike.


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