Alexandra Chemla, Founder of ArtBinder, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss her digital platform that allows art galleries and collectors to quickly access their art inventory for presentations or sales.

In 2010, Alexandra was working as a gallery assistant at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise assembling three ring binders with photographs and information of artwork in advance of Art Basel Switzerland. With the gallery’s many art pieces, ensuring that each of the thirty large binders contained correct, updated information was labor and cost intensive, taking months of work. Once the iPad was first released, however, Alexandra had the revelation to digitize the process and after a year of development, ArtBinder was born.

ArtBinder allows its clients to seamlessly access (and search) the images and vital information (size, medium, year, etc.) of their inventory on mobile devices. Instead of spending inordinate amounts of money on labor, printing and shipping, for a small monthly fee galleries are able to take their whole inventory on the go and instantaneously share information with prospective clients. The result: lower costs and more sales.

Leveraging her knowledge and experience in the art world, Alexandra was able to build a solution for galleries and quickly get a foothold in an industry that was resistant to technology. Six years later, ArtBinder has the biggest names in art using its product and has its sights set on becoming a full service solution for art galleries.

Listen to the episode to go behind the scenes of the art world and hear how being headquartered in New York City among the many galleries in Chelsea has been an advantage to ArtBinder, and get an inside look at the company’s pathway to success as well as its future expansion plans.

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