Dave Salvant and Songe LaRon step on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss their app called Squire which is solution for scheduling and paying for men’s haircuts as well as their SAAS platform for barbershops to manage scheduling and marketing to customers.

In 2015, Dave and Songe discovered that it was difficult and annoying to schedule a haircut. Songe in particular had the realization while waiting an hour for his barber while working as a corporate attorney. After surveying 300 people, Dave and Songe discovered that scheduling men’s haircuts was a universal problem and there was no one else in the space. So they decided to build the solution themselves and Squire was born.

Instead of calling, texting, or just waiting for your barber, the app works by locating barbershops closest to the user and allows the user to see the rating of the barbershop, the services provided, available barbers and times. The interface syncs with ApplePay and allows the user to pay and tip ahead of his appointment. Then realizing that barbers also needed a solution, Dave and Songe also created a platform for higher end barber shops to sync in with Squire and become a calendar, marketing and data analytics platform for barbershops.

Go behind the scenes as Dave and Songe try to help the over 5,000 barbershops in New York City alone are quickly expanding nationally, and how they are already driving new business to barbershops. Hear what makes a good haircut and how Dave and Songe want guys to get Squire Fresh and just how important that is!

For New York Launch Pod listeners, Squire is offering $7 off a haircut with code “NYLAUNCH”


Transcript of the episode available here: http://nylaun.ch/SquireTr

More on Squire: http://getsquire.com/