Clinton Grusd, Founder, and Ally Vaughn, Strategic Advisor, step on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss their app, Wermz, which delivers personalized news to smartphones.

Wermz is a platform which delivers content based on people’s interests. It uses algorithms to determine what is actually news (a more difficult question than you might think!) and what news is relevant to each person based on his or her interests.

Clinton saw an opportunity in the news industry.  Publishers that were struggling to adapt to the web had even more difficultly transitioning to mobile.  For publishers, mobile presented simply another medium to distribute traditional articles in digital form.  For Clinton, mobile presented an opportunity to allow users to “experience” news stories that interests them by seamlessly exploring those stories wide and deep, through articles, video, images, and reference material.

Listen to the episode to hear why the boot-strapped Wermz thinks they can compete with the largest news tech companies including Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter and Apple to deliver the best and most engaging news product to users.

Hear the process behind developing the app, how Clinton and the team have been gaining publicity for their product, and all the features Wermz brings to its users.

Transcript of the episode available here:

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