Mike Rothman, co-founder and CEO of Fatherly, steps on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss his digital destination for young parents (not necessarily only fathers).  Realizing that parenting content was not optimized for today’s consumer both in the way it was distributed and in the way ideas, attitudes and behaviors have shifted over time, Mike and his co-founder Simon Isaacs, created a parenting experience for young generation X’ers and Millenials.

Mike, one of the first employees at Thrillist, realized a void in the
marketplace.  As he explains, “A funny thing happens after marketing
to young single guys for seven years, namely that audience is no
longer single or as young.”  So, after an early partnership with the
92nd Street Y, Fatherly has grown from a 300 person email list to over
125,000 subscribers, a website having 1 Million unique visitors per month and content syndication with Business Insider, Huffington
Post, and Time.com.

There is nothing more high stakes than someone’s child says Mike.
Listen to hear how Fatherly develops “incredibly practical” parenting
content for developmental milestones and couches it in language and in stories that are more conversational, and better wired for the social
web from “ridiculously overqualified people” such as Arne Duncan on
how to hack the Pre-K admission process in your neighborhood, a Navy Seal on how to dominate hide and go seek, and Malala and her father on how to raise a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Go behind the scenes of Fatherly’s incredible growth, how they have
been able to develop relationships with content providers, and how
they have utilized a seed round of $2 Million.


Transcript of the episode available here: http://nylaun.ch/fatherlyt

More on Fatherly: https://www.fatherly.com/