Evan Hammer, co-founder of Smart Host, joins the New York Launch Pod in its first episode!  Smart Host is a one-year-old start-up based out of New York City that provides dynamic pricing recommendations for short-term vacation rental properties on sites such as Airbnb, HomeAway and FlipKey.  Vacation rentals are a multi-billion dollar industry and Smart Host thinks owners are losing out on a lot of revenue!  Whether it’s because property owners and managers are too busy or just don’t have enough data at their fingertips, Smart Host discovered that vacation rental prices are largely stagnant and in a short period of time in New York City the average hotel price varied by 124% while the average vacation rental price varied by only 18%.  Find out how Evan and his team set out to provide property owners and managers with more resources, founded their company in only three days, where the future of real estate data is going, and why Evan thinks his company has an advantage over the big players in the market.


Transcript of the episode available here: http://nylaun.ch/smarthostt

More on Smart Host: https://smarthost.me/