Angela Ceresnie, COO of Climb Credit, steps BACK onto the New York Launch Pod to discuss her newest start-up, which tries to make skills-based, high-quality education more accessible.

We first spoke to Angela in Episode 8. As a Co-Founder of Orchard, Angela discussed the “new lending ecosystem,” where start-ups were lending in areas that traditional banks weren’t. These start-ups were then selling those loans to investors. Climb Credit is one such “alternative lender” but has carved out a niche by providing innovative solutions to students and schools alike.

Climb Credit assesses a school’s performance to ensure that students receive a positive return on their investment in the education, earning more after graduating than before they started school. This means that schools who inflate their employment figures, have low graduation rates, or do not provide a valuable education are ruled out after comprehensive due diligence.

In addition, Climb Credit provides the schools a further incentive to provide a quality education because, as a student pays back a Climb Credit loan, the school receives more money.

Listen to the episode to go inside the world of professional education. Find out how Climb Credit finds out what makes a good school versus a “fake university”, what areas of professional education provide a positive return on investment and how Climb Credit is able to lend to everyone at an approved school.

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