Ryan Babenzien, Founder of Greats, steps back on to the New York Launch Pod to discuss the growth of his vertically integrated Brooklyn based sneaker company.

Since we first spoke to Ryan in March 2016, his company has more than doubled in revenue, the headcount of the employees has doubled, opened their first retail location and expanded their offerings with a women’s line of footwear.  However, it has not been easy.  There is increased competition in the online footwear marketplace and finding the right people to join the Greats team has taken some time.

In this episode Ryan talks about the successes and challenges behind his company’s growth and the plans for the future of Greats.  Listen to the podcast to find out how the company will expand its brand through physical stores, how the brand collaborates with designers, and what Greats looks for in its employees.  Ryan also tells the story of how Barack Obama and Ryan Seacrest came to be fan of the sneakers and one competitor he is not afraid of.


More on Greats: https://www.greats.com/

Transcript available here: http://nylaun.ch/HYDGreatsTr